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MTA - Measurement Traceability Assurance -

Company Profile

-- MTA Japan co., Ltd.
Establishment December 21, 2000
Capital 50 Million Yen
Executive Director Numachi, Tomoyuki
Address #201, 2-1-3 Horidomecho,
Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku,
Tokyo 103-0012 JAPAN
Correspondence TEL: 03-3665-0097
FAX: 03-3665-0194
URL: http://www.mtajpn.com

Our Mission

- Research and Development
- Sales of our Products
- Consultation and Seminar
- Research Study
- Publication etc.

Outlines of Our Activities

<Research and Development>
Research and development of automated measurement and uncertainty evaluation system based on ISO-GUM.

<Sales of "17025-Solution" series>
Sales of our products, 17025-Solution series. The 17025-Solution is a PC controlled automated measurement and uncertainty evaluation equipment.

<Consultation and Seminar>
- Consultation services regarding assessment of uncertainties of measurement, understanding of ISO-GUM and any other related issues.
- Seminars of above mentioned issues.

Examples of Seminar Courses:
- ISO-17025 Requirements for Laboratories
- Uncertainty Evaluation of DC Voltage
- Uncertainty Evaluation of Resistance
- Mathematical Background for Uncertainty Evaluation

Research Study

Examples of the Study Projects in FY 2003
- The Basic Design Study on the Project for Improving the Quality of Products and Increasing the Competitiveness of the Industrial Sector in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (Commissioned by JICA)
- A Guide to the Mutual Recognition Agreement between the European Community and Japan - (Commissioned by the EU Commission)

Examples of the Study Projects in FY 2002
- System Development of Automated Measurement with National Laboratory in the Republic of Philippines (NEDO)
- Feasibility Study for Up-grading the National Metrology Laboratory in Republic of the Philippines (JETRO)

Publication etc.

MTA Japan sells the following publications.
- Guidebook of Uncertainty Evaluation of Measurement for Calibration and Testing Laboratories (J)
- Guidebook of Supplementary Examples for "Uncertainty Evaluation of Measurement for Calibration and Testing Laboratories by Specific Quantities" (J)
- Mathematical Background for Evaluation of Uncertainties of Measurement (J)

Board Members

Tomoyuki Numachi, Executive Director

Joined The Mitsui Bank since 1976, Chief Representative & Executive Director of Santander Investment Bank, Tokyo in 1990, International Development Center of Japan, in 1995. B.A. in Latin American Economics, Sophia University.
Email: tnuma@mtajpn.com

Tadashi Endo, PhD., Managing Director

Former Scientist of the Electrotechnical Laboratory (ETL), Ministry of International Trade and Industry (1968-2001) NATA accredited Technical Assessor. B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. in Instrumentation Engineering, Keio University
Email: tendo@mtajpn.com

Kazuo Yoshihiro, Managing Director

Former Scientist of Electrotechnical Laborarory (ETL). Lecturer, Department of Physics, Toho University since 2000. Member of the Physical Society of Japan and Information Processing Society of Japan. B.S. in Physics, University of Tokyo
Email: kyoshi@mtajpn.com

Chikako Yamanouchi, PhD., Managing Director

Former Scientist of the Physics Div., Electrotechnical Laboratory (ETL. President of Cryogenic Japan Limited. Member of the Physical Society of Japan. Ph.D. in Physics, Tohoku University, Japan.
Email: chikako@cryogenicjapan.com

Yumi Shindo, Managing Director

Joined the Nomura Securities Co. Ltd. in 1991, International Development Center of Japan in 1996. B.A. in Economics, Yokohama National University. M.A. in Urban Design and Development, University of Hong Kong. Expert on the development of Standards and Conformance Infrastructure in the Asia Pacific Region and Latin America.
Email: yshin@mtajpn.com